Tips and Tricks on Travel & Holiday

Here you will find recommendations about several destinations all over the world, in particular the amazing country of Italy.

How to reduce airfare prices

With world airfare prices fluctuating often and fuel prices on what seems like an ever rising increase saving on your airfares is very hard. Follow these simple steps and you might be able to find a bargain that gives you that little bit of extra cash for splashing out on yourself while on holiday. 1) [...]

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How to choose a holiday

Tips on choosing the right holiday between seaside, mountains and city of art…

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How to save to go on holiday?

Different strategies to save on holiday. Here’s how!

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How to organize the first couple holiday

What to know for planning a perfect “first couple holiday”… Useful tips and suggestions!

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How to pack a child’s suitcase…

See what to pack for your next trip with this travel packing list.

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