How to choose a holiday

It sounds easy, but for someone the choice between sea holidays o mountains holidays is a real dilemma. So here are some tips and clues to find out if this year is better to opt for the beach or the mountains, always with an eye to the season and another to the “wallet”.

If you have children of one or two years, nothing is better than the sea in the warmer season. Daily contact with the water of the sea and the sand is one of the most stimulating elements for growth and exploration.

The mountain is better suited for older children by not exceeding an altitude of  1000 meters to prevent their appetite loss or sleep disturbances. You’ll notice that between 700 and 900 meters of altitude you can hike more sustainable, even a whole day without too much discomfort.

If the holiday is for you  synonymous of relax and calm, you can opt for a long deserted beach (in unknown places or at unusual seasons). Conversely, if you look for company, a crowded beach can be an opportunity to meet someone and, in this case, do not overlook the group activities that are organized also in the mountains.

If the mountain for you means physical activity, stress, competition and competitiveness, consider that you may reveal the athlete is in you even at sea, between a game of beach volleyball and an afternoon of windsurfing. You organize tournaments, leagues and competitions on beaches all over Italy every summer.

If you love solitary sports, rather than a team activity, and with quiet rhythm, remember that the mountain is ideal. According to experts contact with the peaks and the nature promotes climbing, tennis, running, skiing, hiking … the discovery of personal resistance goals satisfy those who love a life more introverted.

Is the suntan your obsession? Remember that the sea tan needs a medium protection. Instead in the mountains the sun invests all in a more decided way, especially in summer. You need a higher protection gradually you climb in altitude. In the mountains your tan will last less, but perhaps is definitely more intense.

In addition to these 2 types of vacation (seaside or mountain) there is also a third possibility, that to choose a beautiful city of art where spending a holiday.

Among the favorite Italian destinations you find Florence and Rome. A great number of people choose to spend holidays in Florence (click here), and not only in summer…. Easter in Florence for example will be for many persons an anticipation of what will happen in summer!

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