How to build a carport

Many people have large open spaces to park their cars. But why not parking them indoors, especially in winter? Follow the instructions in this guide to build a fast and secure carport without spending too much.
What you need
First of all make holes in the ground at the 4 vertices of the perforated metal sheet in which to insert the 4 bearing piles. These must be correctly chosen (2 longer and 2 shorter in order to create a slope) with a diameter of about 12 cm. Place them perfectly perpendicular to the ground and fix them permanently with cement.
Connect at the top the two longer piles through a trasversal piece of wood (size 10×10 cm) and repeat the operation with the smaller ones. Fix the wood pieces to the piles with screws 10mm in diameter. Then take other wooden boards, place them perpendicular to the previous ones (to form a cross) and fix them with screws.
Now there’s nothing left to do but fixing the pre-painted metal sheets to the newly formed structure. To do that, always use large screws. Metal plates must also be positioned to protrude a few tens of centimeters away. This allows you to tuck up from bad weather

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