Safe outdoor playground equipment: how and where

When choosing outdoor playground for kids it’s very important to buy quality products. Garden games can in fact be very dangerous if you do not have all the features and devices required by law.
As for the swings, slides and other playground equipment for toddlers you can rely on historical firms such as the French Smoby and Italian Chicco, specialists in children’s products or the German Kettler, which offers a rich catalog of sports equipment for kids. A wide range of outdoor equipment for each age group is offered by the Danish Kompan, which ensures diligent support in the installation and maintenance of its products.
Prices for outdoor playground equipment for children can vary depending on the complexity of the structure and can be very high, but single kids slides or swings usually have an affordable price for everyone.
Do not forget, however, that even good quality outdoor playground equipment must be kept under careful control. It’s good to periodically check that the ground around the equipment is on level and that joints and anchorages are firm. The specific procedures for maintenance are always contained in the law EN 1176-7 .

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