How to Decorate a Bar

How to Decorate a Bar? This is the classic question we ask when we are in the need to renew or to furnish a new bar or coffee shop.
So, how to get started?
First of all, it is important to have clear ideas about the kind of bar you want to open. Will it be a modern and stylish bar or a classic one? Do we want to give a specific character and look to the bar?
The answers to these questions are fundamental to the success of your business, and only after having found the answers you can think and design the best furniture specifically for your bar!
The other fundamental question is: What “type of bar” you have to furnish?
Is it a cocktail Bar? A place for  young customers, with sophisticated atmospheres, and comfortable design, with lighting effects, the  meeting point par excellence?
Will it be a Disco Bar? A Room with a style and a design that must be unique and recognizable, with a target of young people and adults, tailored to the musical genres proposed?
Or do you prefer an ice-cream shop? where you must give your customers a fresh, cheerful look, with  the right combination of colors, shapes and lighting ?
And what about a pub? That distinctive meeting place where alcoholic beverages are served, and especially beer, to be taste in good company, maybe listening to live music.
So the very first step is to have clear ideas of the result, of the target and atmosphere you want to create, and only afterwards you must call a bar design expert!

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