How to save to go on holiday?

How to save to go on holiday? The strategies are so many different, let us find out them together

Saving on holiday for families
Families can get a saving on vacation by renting a holiday home, sharing the costs with other families of friends and relatives, creating a group holiday. You can also split any costs of travel, by taking a bus or avoiding cars with only 1-2 people on board. Another formula to save on holiday is that to hire a campervan.

Saving on vacation for students
Students can save money on holiday by participating in working holiday formulas. They are very popular in academia. You can spend 1-3 months (usually the summer months) abroad, paying living expenses and accommodation with the work at local businesses (eg restaurants). The working holiday is the ideal way to stay abroad for an extended period, allowing you to refine the knowledge of foreign languages – for example, if you go to Italia, you’ll learn Italian and you could also participate to a study tour in Italy (click here) – . The working holiday costs nothing (or almost). The work is usually part-time and occupies only a part of the day, leaving the remaining free time to visit the place.

Saving on vacations for singles and young couples
Who is single and travels with friends can save money by opting for a holiday stay in bed and breakfast. By sacrificing some luxury and comfort, usually offered by hotels, you can earn in direct contact with the locals and with cost savings of living.

Saving on air travel
If you opt for holidays abroad, the choice of the aircraft is often required. In this area, the potential savings are very high. You can opt for low cost flights, lack of facilities on board, but as safe as the others, or search for a place in last minute flights.

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