How to organize the first couple holiday

When a relationship starts to become serious, the arrival of summer marks an important moment for the couple. Organizing a romantic holiday becomes a crucial step to experience “cohabitation moments”, even if they’re limited to the summer season.

But planning the ideal couple holiday it’s not so easy!
Hence a series of tips about how to organize your dream vacation.

1. It is better to choose a quiet place to stay, not too elaborate: a neutral destination, that does not have excessive attractions may be appropriate to focus the primary attention on the couple needs.

2. Whether it’s the next town or a trip abroad, it is very important to talk about the expectations that feed this new experience. Sitting in front of a good cup of coffee and talking about what is expected, passions and concerns, can avoid many unpleasant surprises that could damage the holiday spirit.

3. The idea that a person has about vacation, could be completely opposite from that of its partner: which is why we must arm ourselves with patience and be ready to accept the diversity within the couple. How to live together, even the holiday is the result of a compromise and will need to plan where to go, how much to spend and so on.

4. Be spontaneous and live an itinerary not too planned! This permit you to be more flexible and ready to tackle issues and news. In short, a holiday is not necessary to become a perfect couple, but it is important to know each other better, have fun and relax.

Among the favorite romantic destinations there are some Italian localities such as Rome, Venice and Tuscany.

Booking Rome luxury apartments or a fascinating Tuscany farmhouse is synonymous of dream holiday!

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