How to make a house safer if you have kids or elder people

Are you afraid that your children or elderly relatives may find unwieldy and dangerous moving inside and outside of your house? Do not worry, just follow some very simple trick to make your home more comfortable and safer.
First, in addition to arranging clothes and items grouped in bulk, you must consider the lighting. A teen and an older person, they will need a different type of light and, in the second case, up to four times higher. Better to choose soft lights that do not dazzle or halogen lamps suitable for reading or precision work areas. In the bathroom you’d better put lamps on either side of the mirror to avoid glare and then down the stairs, the kitchen and, possibly, also the stretch that leads from the hallway to the bathroom. If in the house there are elder people or kids, it’s better to remove any rugs that could cause tripping, or at least buy the ones with short hair, and for the bathroom,  choose an anti-slip floor. Then change the old switches and put the new ones that can be easily operated even by those who suffer from arthritis.
Those who should replace kitchen faucets, even in the bathroom, may prefer the lever mixers, which are easier to maneuver than a knob. The same for doors that should be preferred with ergonomic features, like those doors for hospital. Of course, never leave objects down the stairs or in corridors.

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