How to pack a child’s suitcase…

On the eve of a holiday mothers face the “Luggage Mission” , i.e. packing suitcases.

The goal is always one: closing a “functional suitcase”.You must select what is needed for all family members, identifying what actually serve during the holidays and not exceeding in things to carry.

Before leaving, all moms wonder what to put in the child’s suitcase, what clothes to choose and how to identify what respond to his needs.

The three guiding principles are:

- Rationality: the baggage of the child must be prepared to meet all holiday needs.

- Convenience: the child must be comfortable in order to feel truly free and happy.

- Joy: children’s favorite clothes and their “games of the heart” must find space in the suitcase.

What does baby need during a beach vacation?

- Shorts
- Pants
- Short-sleeve T-Shirts
- Armhole vests
- Dresses and skirts for girls
- Panties
- Socks
- A glamor suit for elegant occasions …
- 1 jacket, preferably anti wind
- Pajamas
- Towels: beach towel, bath robe or poncho according to custom
- Shoes: at least 2 pairs closed (gymnastic model). 1 pair of sandals, 1 pair of shoes from sea
- A comfortable hat with visor
- Sunglasses for children with special protective lenses
- A bandana
- Swimming cap
- Sunscreen
- After-sun cream
- Cocoa butter
- Mosquito repellent specifically for children
- Armchair supports and inflatable games, flippers, a mask or goggles, buckets and spades, beach tennis and soccer and the most varied and fun beach and water games … can not miss a water pistol!

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