How to wear clothes with stains.

Sometimes you have staines on your clothes that you don’t know how they got there. They might be on a piece of clothing that you still really like and it annoys you because you can’t wear it anymore. Don’t throw them away, it is time to get creative.

There are many options you can choose from to make your item of clothing like new again. It will require a little bit of creativity and patience. First of all you must determine what you are going to do with the stain. This depends on how big it is, what caused it and where it is on the piece of clothing.

Some of your options available to you are as follows:

- Cover it up with a patch. These days patched or ripped clothing is considered cool. Why not patch over your stain. It can either be a material patch or a label patch. An example of this would be a Goodyear patch you find on leather jackets. This solution is often good for smaller staines.

- Dye your item. Depending on what the stain is this can be a very effective way to make your clothes look like new. You might even just want to dye it regardless of a stain. You can bring back the true colour or decide to change to a different colour. There are simple do it at home procedures available at your supermarket. Just read the packet for instructions.

- There are lots of smart stain removers available. The right product on the right stain can work miracles. Before you throw something away it is worth trying to get the stain out with a proper stain remover chemical. It may just give that shirt or jacket the extra life it needs.

Obviously staining something is very frustrating, especially if it is new. However you can get great satisfaction by removing the stain successfully or figuring a way to still use that item of clothing through dying or covering it up. Just a little bit of creativity can do the trick.

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