Reformat a disk on a Mac

How many times have you tried to load something up onto a USB stick and it says that you have no space left when you thought you did?! Well the answer to this question is that you probably do have space but you can’t access it. The reason being is that the files that you used in the past are still there hidden and are taking up the free empty disk space.

To get rid of these files you must reformat the usb disk. Just the same as you would reformat any other hard-drvie. Follow these simple steps and your USB stick will be as good as new.

1) Open up Disk Utility (you can find it in the utilities folder in your application folder)

2) Select the disk you want reformat from the list on the side. (Make sure you do not select your computers hard-drive, you don’t want to touch that!)

3) Once selected click on the erase tab and click one of the following formatting types. Most commonly used is FAT32. If you are unsure google which one is best for your type and size of files.

4) You have the opportunity to rename your USB stick. Most of the time it is labeled as the brand name, why don’t you personalise it so you know it is yours.

5) Click on the erase button and wait for it to finish. Once completed it will appear among your devices in your finder folder and on your desktop. You can now use it as it will be empty and all capacity restored.

This procedure should be done with great care are you do not want to be erasing anything that you still need. Make sure you back up anything that is on the USB beforehand as it will be lost during the reformatting process.

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