How to Carve Wood with a CNC Wood Router – Guest Post

If you have plans of carving wood, your best bet is to make use of a Computer Numerical Control router.They are often referred to as a CNC wood router. It’s a good way to produce your intended products
with speed, accuracy and consistency. The machine is marked with convenience and efficiency for allusers who know how to use it properly.

Because it’s a machine that responds to a series of commands, you need to know how to use the CNC wood router in order to maximize its usefulness. Otherwise, the benefits you get from the tool will be
limited to what you know. Worse, you might end up breaking the thing. Here are a couple of easy stepsto follow:

1. Your first goal is to come up with a programmable command that your CNC machine can read.Most of them come with a user-friendly program which lets you easily input data. It’s not at
all difficult. In fact, most machines would run on a single program on most of its tasks. You can always rely on the much easier to use CNC router machine software. It usually comes with the
machine. You can, however, buy one that suits you better separately as well.

2. Now you need to apply the router bit. It’s the most important part of the CNC wood router. It’s what does the direct processing of wood (i.e. cutting, shaping, drilling, etc.). The program you
established in step 1 is going to communicate all the instructions to the head and will follow the pattern that needs to be run through. Just don’t forget that when selecting a ifferent bit from
the one that came with the machine, make sure it fits your CNC wood router.

3. Now it’s time to put the raw material (in this case, wood) on the router. Follow the instructions on your machine in terms of how to lock the material in place. There are types of CNC routers
that use a strong vacuum that keeps the wood from moving while it’s being cut. This is very important. You don’t want the wood to fall off or otherwise get displaced when the machine is
working on it. Otherwise, your output will definitely get screwed.

4. Figure out the work piece zero of the machine. This is in relation to the program your CNC machine has. Normally the zero is at the center of the piece. But just to be sure, refer to your
machine’s program. If you don’t set this straight, the output won’t turn out exactly like you designed it on the software.

5. Finally, you can start running the CNC wood router. But just to be safe, set it to run at a slower speed first. Then check if the machine is cutting the right dimensions. Once things seem to be
in check, you can pick up the pace. If you need to produce another output just like the first one, then all you have to do is to rerun the program.

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