Trick with freezing mangoes

Mangoes are a delicious summer fruit that unfortunately are not found all year round in the supermarket. If you are buying mangoes out of season they have either come from hundreds of miles away or have been kept under sulphur to preserve their state which is never good for your body and diet.

One simple easy trick to ensure that you have great tasting mangoes all year round is to buy them in season and then freeze them. Follow these steps to learn how to do it:

1) – When your mango is ripe, cut it open in the traditional way by cutting both sides off then criss-cross cut creating little cubes. The middle section around the pip can also be stripped of mango with a knife and placed with the little cubes.

2) – Prepare a clean tray and cover it with all these cubes and little mango pieces making sure none of them touch as frozen mango is very hard to pull apart.

3) – Place the tray flat in the freezer for around five hours. Double check that when you take them out the mango is frozen right to the centre. If you check the biggest mango piece you can be sure all the other smaller pieces are frozen entirely.

4) – In a zip lock back close all the pieces with as least amount of air as possible which will make sure that they stay fresh. With a marker pen it is very important to label the bag as sometimes you can forget what is in the bag. It is a good idea to create your own use by date which is generally around 9 months from when you first freeze the mango.

This is a fantastic idea for kids snacks and can be eaten any time of year. Mango is a great ingredient also for summery salads and having pre cut mango ready for any type of cooking makes it a lot easier to use. Try it for yourself.

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