Backing up your phonebook

Isn’t it annoying when you loose your contacts and then have to start again. In the olden days of simple technology and house phones we used to keep all our phone numbers in the address book next to the phone or on our desk in a teledex at work. These days with people having phone numbers, email addresses, facebook accounts, whatsapp etc etc there is a never ending list of contacts that is much easier kept on a portable electronic device aka a mobile phone. The problem with this is that that little address book usually wasn’t lost very easily due to it never being removed from its spot at home. No one was leaving their teledex or big address book binders in cabs or on the train as they go home from work.

This guide is a must read for anyone interesting in keeping their information safe and always having a backup incase something does go wrong and you loose your numbers and email addresses. There is nothing worse than seeing on Facebook someone changing their status as, “sorry everyone if I haven’t been in touch, iv’e lost my phone. contact me here”. How many times have you seen that?

Well, to make sure that doesn’t happen back up your phonebook onto your computer. This can be done very easily these days as everyone has smart phones and the like. Once it is on your computer the safest thing to do is put it on an external hard-drive or a USB key. There are also lots of virtual storage options made available for free. Most free email servers online will have space available such as Gmail or Hotmail.
If you want to take backing up your contacts to the next level you can save them onto a virtual phonebook which enables you to edit, add or delete contacts as you wish. Again many providers online give you a free service up to approximately 1800 contacts. All you have to do is search on google for “online phonebook backup”.

Make sure you get around to doing this because organisation is a key. No one can afford to loose their contacts and be grounded for days until slowly you ask all your family, friends and colleagues for their numbers.

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