How to reduce airfare prices

With world airfare prices fluctuating often and fuel prices on what seems like an ever rising increase saving on your airfares is very hard.

Follow these simple steps and you might be able to find a bargain that gives you that little bit of extra cash for splashing out on yourself while on holiday.

1) when you book your tickets, instead of typing in the return date and booking and paying for all in one try and search for both legs separately. Often the price of two separate legs even with the same airline can be cheaper than just booking a return ticket upfront.

2) Searching secondary airports and even consider flying into a nearby city. Often in Europe where towns are very close together you can fly in to one town and travel by rail or road to your preferred destination. In the summer the airlines know where everyone is heading, and the same goes for the winter. Keeping your options open and even being willing to fly in one town and fly out of another can end up saving you a lot of your hard earned cash.

3) There is no shame in flying low cost. There are plenty of celebrities flying low cost carriers. For example in the Spanish islands some of these are more convenient in terms of timetables than the more expensive, full-service airlines. If you want a better service. Paying for all the extras such as priority boarding, extra luggage etc can still be economically worthwhile.

As with most things finding a cheap flight is about patience and persistence with research. The only quick way out of organising a trip is paying full price. With this how to guide it will make these choices a little easier.

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