Create Your Perfect Reading Space

Reading is still one of the most popular free time activities, and to make sure that you can truly enjoy it, you should consider creating a reading nook for yourself. This can be used for some other purposes as well, such as drawing, talking on the phone or listening to music.

Find the spot

The location of the nook is very important, such as a corner, box, alcove, or a closet. In some cases you have to rearrange the furniture. This way you may find new places that are suitable for the reading activity. Make sure that the spot you pick is quiet. This should be a peaceful little getaway.

The seat

Since most probably you are going to spend quite some time here, you should find comfortable seating. First you have to decide what kind of seating you would like to have. Are you planning on curling up in the chair, or you would like something fluffy that will swallow you? Sometimes it is enough to have a bunch of cushions, and having a bean bag is also a good choice. Still there are some people who prefer having a long seat.

Nightstand or table

Such a surface helps you become more organized, and you will have a place to put your hot chocolate or your book when you’re not reading. Another good idea might be to add a pen and a notepad, because some of the books could inspire you, and it is a pity to let that inspiration go to waste.

Add some light

You don’t have to be thinking about something complicated. Usually it is enough to have a simple lamp in case it is adjustable. In the same time you could also have a desk lamp. You don’t need something bright, but if the light is too dim it is difficult to see the letters, not to mention that you can damage your eyes.

In case you are reading during the daytime, make sure to use natural light. All you have to do is to draw the curtains and let the sunshine in the room. This is better for the eyes and your pocket as well.

Make it comfortable

When you create a reading nook, you should ensure that it is a comfortable place, that seems welcoming and that gives you an incentive to curl up time after time and read.

Gather all the things that you like around you, like soft cushions or blankets. Use colors that are warm and use textures that are welcoming. Avoid using elements that make you feel stressed or uncomfortable in any way.


In order to make sure that you will spend some quality time in your reading corner, you should divide it from the rest of the room. For this you could use a smaller dresser or something more complicated, such as curtains. This way you will feel separated from the rest of the world, and you will have privacy without others bothering you while you are reading.

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